Monday, January 31, 2011

Day 48: Flowers of Beauty

“A lotus blossoming in a swamp of weeds—
that's my dear friend among the girls in the village.”

Song of Songs 2:2

Paging through my prayer journal I find the names of family and friends and as I read each entry, it never ceases to amaze me the emotion that can suddenly well up inside my heart. These are my dear ones, and somehow in life we have been entrusted to each other. We have been given the honorable and great privilege of loving one another, of hoping all things, and believing that all things are possible for each other.

Sometimes I pray for those listed in my prayer journal because I love them. I love them so much my heart aches and I want the very hand of my wonderful Father to reach down and comfort their hearts, heal their wounds, and show them the beauty of who they are in the reflection of His adoring eyes.

At other times I find that my heart is lead to pray for someone, perhaps that I barely know, and as I commit to faithfulness in seeking God on their behalf, I find that my heart is filled with love for them. This in itself in the first benefit of prayerfulness, that not only in the place of prayer do we have the opportunity to see the hand of a mighty God, but we ourselves begin to see others as He sees them, as He sees us, as “A lotus blossoming among the weeds.”

This side of heaven I will probably never know the tears that were shed and the prayers that were uttered on my behalf. I am simply grateful that someone, perhaps many someone’s have been praying for me. What I do know is the joy of having dear friends and loved ones that are themselves truly beautiful blossoms growing strong pushing out the weeds in my life. They are woman who have come alongside me through the dark days of night, friends who have seen in me what I was too afraid to hope for, and through prayer, and encouragement they have watched me stretch toward the sun and bloom.

In the garden of the Master Gardener, we are each a unique and perfectly designed blossom; the wispy white of a dandelion ready to spread it seeds far and wide, the sweet essence of a cottage rose vine climbing to the light, the strength of the lotus as it speaks it beauty from muddied roots. Each of us worthy of His care and tending as he plucks the weeds from our lives nourishes the roots of our very soul, so that each will blossom beautifully, under the gardener’s hand.


How I hope that these humble prayers I offer you are seeds planted to be nourished and fed at Your hand. I am so grateful for the women that you have put in my life, each one of them truly “a lotus blossoming.” Bless them Lord, for they have fed and watered me with the love of your word, and each has been so faithful. They have helped me to stay planted in good soil, and themselves bloom beautifully among the weeds. Thank you that You have loved me with their words, their accepting arms that embraced me, and truly, I am sure, their faithful prayers.

I love you,

Your Beloved

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  1. What a blessed thought, that we can pray for those we don't know, and find love for them because of prayer. God is amazing like that! It amazes me that as we all blossom through the mud and weeds, we can encourage each other, through our gifts and love, to keep our faces turned towards the Son. :) Thanks Girl! Hugs~