Thursday, January 20, 2011

Day 41: Blank Page

“If you don’t know what you are doing, pray to the Father. He loves to help.” James 1:5

I am here to write, because I have made a commitment to write. I am seated in front of my computer finger tips poised to discipline myself to follow through, because I want to be a finisher, and because in the wise words of the author of Proverbs, “All diligent effort leads to profit.”

My mind is as blank for writing ideas as the Word Document in front of me, and as I sit I am trying not to let my mind wander to plans for my daughter’s upcoming wedding, and with even more diligence I am trying not to let my fingers do the walking right over to my favorite social networking site. Just a slip of the hand and I can escape this blank page and enjoy the goings on of friends and family.

My devotional time was rich this morning filled with Proverbs and other verses of encouragement, and my time of prayer was intimate and sweet, sharing with my Lord my hopes and dreams, and talking to Him about each of my children one by one, and thanking him for my husband and every good thing He so continually bestows upon me. I prayed for a dear loved who is longing to buy a home for the first time, asked Him again for discipline and self-control in key areas of my life, that he would make me a kind-hearted woman, and a true and devoted friend. I noted the scrawls in the margin of my journal indicating prayers that had been answered, and gave my day to Him. None the less, as I sit to write, my mind is vacant.

I am seated in the place of obedience, knowing that today, although my mind seems blank, and filling the page with any words of value seems too awesome to be achievable, I need only pray to my Father, and He will help me. He may cause my words to flow with the ink of the Holy Spirit; He may take my feeble words and infuse them with life for someone, somewhere, or He may simply fill my heart and mind with the understanding that my commitment and obedience were the goal of this exercise.

Whatever the outcome, whatever the need, He fills the blank pages of my life with words that not only inspire but comfort, and I rest in the understanding that I serve a Lord who not only hears me, but Loves to Help!


How often I find that I simply don’t know what I doing. I wander my hallways aimlessly, unsure of why I even walked into the room at all. I need your help. How grateful I am that you bend your ear to my requests, and lovingly bend your knee to come alongside me and help me with every confusion and concern. How I love knowing that I serve a Lord who simply is waiting for the opportunity to come and help.

Your Beloved

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