Sunday, January 23, 2011

Day 43: Prayer for a Busy Day

“For to me, to live is Christ…” Philippians 1:21


You know my day is busy, as so many of them can be; filled to the brim with important tasks necessary to meet the needs of a large family. It would be so easy today to lose sight of You, to focus on the checklist I need to complete, or the child that is moving too slowly, or any other obstacle that may not surrender to the importance of MY busy day. Let me not lose sight of You as I walk out my days, but rather teach me to keep my conversation with You continuous, my heart towards others generous, and my task list firmly surrendered to your perfect plan for this day. This day and every day, Guide my every thought and action by your Holy Spirit. Let me shine for You when I don’t realize that I am, and fill my heart, mind, and soul with a greater of understanding that to Live is Christ, and that each of my days belong to You.

Your Beloved

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  1. I need to remember this when I am frustrated with the busy days. Although, at this time they are few, I know they will return. And when they do, they still belong to Him.