Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Day 40: The Life Abundant

“I have come in order that you might have life – life in all its fullness”
John 10:10

The life abundant; a desire that resonates deep within the heart and soul of every individual, and for each it is a clarion call to fulfill the unique and specific design that is the cry of their very existence. Some refer to this yearning, as the God-shaped hole waiting to be filled by God and God alone. It has been named purpose, calling, life’s-work, legacy, mission, or our true north, and even those who spend a lifetime seeking to serve God, can find it elusive.

Just as each and every snowflake is shaped as no other, but rather crafted as a one-of-a-kind by an Artist that delights in the nuance, so the definition of “life in all its fullness” takes a different meaning for every uniquely created human that walks the earth.

To me, it is as if God has put a road map inside of me, a treasure map that when I follow it carefully leads me on an adventure of such astounding proportions that every step brings a new sense of awe, excitement, and an abundance of joy. I find fullness in the places that I go, the people I that interact with, and the activities that I am engaged in.

Sometimes, the map seems to be written in a foreign language, and my attempts at reading it are laced with trepidation, or even worse, I realize I am reading the map accurately, and find myself suddenly frozen in my tracks, afraid of the rocky terrain up ahead. I may choose to dig in my heals and not move forward, or turn around and attempt to go back to what used to feel safe, only to find it stagnant and no longer welcoming, or I can go bounding forward trusting the map, and the maker of the map.

As a young Christian, I often found myself following in the pathways of others, and for a season this was good, as I learned to navigate this new journey laid out before me. A veteran traveler can always lend a helping hand, but in time I would find myself following them, and failing to open my own map. Sometimes, I would fail to move forward in any direction, fearful that I had not read the directions carefully, and that I might be vainly trying to create my own treasure hunt.

Ultimately, the map-maker has a vested interest in my quest for the life abundant, and asks only that I seek his wealth of knowledge when the map seems confusing, or the terrain difficult. His greatest desire is that I will move forward in my quest passionately with all my energies, and all of my intelligence, knowing that with every step He will be there to guide me to the treasure that will unfold within my very soul.

“So love God with all your passion and prayer and intelligence and energy.” Mark 12:30

Lord of my Journey,

You are my greatest treasure, and my most worthy pursuit. In you I find my life abundant, my unique design, and the purpose which makes my heart rejoice. May I always trust your ways, and the accuracy of the map you have created for me.

Your Beloved

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