Saturday, January 8, 2011

Day 36: Every Tear

“He will wipe every tear from their eyes.” Revelation 21:4

There is almost nothing more difficult than watching someone that you love truly suffer.

Sometimes it is physical, an illness that buffets their body, and we long to see them free from their pain, able to rest and enjoy life. Often it is a hurt of the heart, and the depths of the soul: A brokenness that for a season or a lifetime defines their outlook on life, on love, and even on their Heavenly Father. A wound so open and infected, that the pain blinds their eyes to the presence of a God who loves them or worse becomes their evidence for His lack of existence. A pain so deep, that it not only impacts my loved one’s view of God, but has an effect of every aspect of their life and each relationship that they experience.

As I turn the pages of my prayer journal, these are the entries that are most prevalent, and are not usually the ones that are answered in a day. They require my commitment; I must pray and keep on praying. They are also the concerns that need no written entry for me to be reminded to pray, as I find my soul cries out consistently and spontaneously with my desires for them. They are my dear ones, my heart is heavy for their freedom, and as I ache for their pain, my mouth is filled with requests that pour from my lips to the Father that I know hears me, and I hope that someday they will be confident in this as well. That in time He will wipe the tears from my eyes, as well as from the eyes of those I love.

I find that prayer is just like relationships; we are made for each, and they both require availability and commitment. We must be in them for the long term, but building and nurturing the relationship in tangible ways in the here and now. Our Father Who Loves Us is also in it for the long haul, but wholly available to intimately relate with us as we breathe out to Him, the pain in our hearts and our concerns for those we deeply love. He cares about each one that we love, just as deeply, and even more, and in time it is His deepest desire to tend to each and every wound. He is here tending to the deep wounds today, and will be here for them tomorrow. He is in it for the long haul.


You know the ones that my heart travails over. I will seek You on their behalf for as long as I have breath. Father, please heal their deep wounds, and comfort their broken hearts, just as You have healed mine. Where I have caused pain, let my life become one of healing. Draw each heart nearer and nearer to You, until they know the joy of freedom in You, and can rest safely in your loving arms.

I trust You, when my eyes cannot see for the tears, and my heart aches, I trust You.

I need You.

Your Beloved

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