Saturday, December 18, 2010

Day 23: The Kicker

“Everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house upon a rock.” Matthew 7:24

And Puts them Into Practice…Weighty words, and easily overlooked. Tucked in at the end of what is considered perhaps the most impactful teaching ever given by Jesus. The closing comments, after He has carefully answered the question, “How then shall we live?” Or as some might say: the kicker.

Here’s the kicker: And puts them into practice.

Prayer is changing me. Daily revealing my heart to my Lord and Savior is changing me. Confessing my every fault and failure is changing me. Sharing my every concern, my hopes and dreams with Him is changing me. Searching His word to know Him better is changing me.

This morning as I prayed I found all of my requests focused in one area. A family I know and love is suffering. They are struggling with issues that threaten to level the very foundations of their lives. I poured out my heart and my tears to God on their behalf. I love them dearly, and want the very best for them. I want so very much for them to have the riches that are available to them in Christ, but I also understand they must choose to put His word into practice. And so I commit to pray to this end.

How many times have I failed even in the simplest endeavor to put His word into practice? I know that it is through His strength that I achieve this, but I also know I must choose it daily. I must show up, and then let Him change me, so that I will not only hear His word, but put it into practice. How can I tell someone to pray, if I have not put it into practice? How can I tell someone to trust, if I have not put it into practice? How can I encourage others that they will find hope, direction, and strength in scripture, if I do not put into practice the diligent seeking of His word?

Christianity, Christ seeking, begins inside of me, and inside of each faithful believer that will live out the call to put His words into practice. Daily.

I Will Put His Word Into Practice.

I’ll start with prayer, and act from there. That's the Kicker.


Make me a woman who puts your word into practice. Half a century, Lord, and I finally understand. How many opportunities did I have to shine for You, when I failed to put your word into practice? As I start again today, in your strength, may I accomplish your plan, and take the hand of others as they seek to do the same.

Use me, Lord, use me.

Your Beloved

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