Thursday, December 9, 2010

Day 15: Time Redeemed

“Redeeming the time…” Ephesians 5:16

I didn’t write yesterday, nor did I discipline myself to truly take time to pray for the many concerns that God has set before me. I failed in my commitment. The day had been full of joys; an abundant brunch shared with the interesting and faithful women with whom I have spent the last few months studying Isaiah, an encouraging gift from a new friend, and the privilege of hearing a woman I love share with this group the amazing ways God is moving in her life. I continued on to an afternoon of studying and an evening of school, while my husband faithfully met the needs of our household.

It was a day of endings and beginnings, marked with the sense of being exactly where I belonged, and the anticipation of moving forward toward the achievement of longed for goals, and yet by the end of it, I had allowed myself to look only at its flaws, and to act accordingly. I was disappointed and irritated by what had went wrong, as opposed to rejoicing in the multitude of that which had been so completely, right.

By the end of the evening, my humanness was in full display, and pouring myself into bed next to my daughter who wasn’t feeling well, I never made it to my own. I never thanked my husband for supporting me in tangible ways, as I return to finish this last leg of school. I never told my teenage son goodnight. And I never stopped to see that I was allowing a day of glowing golden sunshine, to be spoiled by a raindrop or two. All I can say now, is what I used to say when my children were little, “Silly Mommy.” And so I was.

In His Image, we are called to be redeemers. A redeemer buys back something that used to belong to them or for another on their behalf. It can also speak of setting something free. With respect to time it has to do with recovering time that has been or may be wasted, and making something from it that is of value.

In this new day, I was given the opportunity to dwell in my yesterday, and the failures of the day, however miniscule, or to allow my day and the memories of my yesterday, to have value. Sometimes it is moments that must be redeemed, sometimes words, and often, it requires the shifting of our minds back toward His mind-set, and to choose to walk in the image of the Glorious Redeemer, who truly will work all things together for those who love Him and are called according to his purposes. The Ultimate Redemption of our time.

My Redeemer,

I know that You do not require my reminder that I am yours and that I desperately need You to work all things together for your good in my life, but I daily need to be reminded of your words and of your astounding promises. I ask You, Lord, in your image, make me a redeemer of time, so that my minutes, my hours, and my days, will bless others and glorify You. How I thank you that when I falter and fail to see your amazing blessings in my life even this You can turn for good.

Your Beloved

Scripture Reference: Romans 8:28

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