Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Day 61: Pray For Me

“I have one request, dear friends: Pray for me, pray strenuously with and for me –– to God the Father, through the power of the Master Jesus, through the love of the Spirit...”

Romans 15:30

Since the beginning of our courtship, my husband and I have made a habit of leaving messages for each other in one form or another. So many days I would come out to my car to find a tender note tucked in the dashboard, or attached to the window. In response, I began the practice of sending a quick text message when I thought something sweet about him during the day, so as not to let my feelings go unexpressed. Notes have been hidden in lunch totes, and cards of sentiment were carefully chosen to express our love at holidays.

Several of these cards and messages have found their way to a mirror that hangs in our bathroom; a homemade certificate redeemable for a birthday trip to Maui, a Valentine card reminding him that He is my One and Only, a business card with a tiny love note scrawled on the back, each a physical reminder of the thoughts we want each other to carry with them as they go through the day.

Recently, as I finished a time of prayer, talking to my Father, expressing my love, my need and my gratitude, asking Him for so many things, for myself and for so many others, I realized that right at the moment, I too needed to know that I was on someone’s prayer list.

My husband had often expressed to me that he didn’t think he was that good at praying, but he has made a habit of dropping whatever he is doing to pray for me whenever I ask. As far as I am concerned the immediate prayer of a sincere and concerned man is about as good as prayer gets, and so I added one more note to our mirror, a request for prayer:

Pray for Me!!!!
That God will make me the woman He has called me to be.
That He will guide my paths and if it is His will inspire my writing and give me the discipline to write daily.
That He will give me the knowledge, understanding and discipline to finish my Bachelor’s program.
That He will give me health, and help me to eat well, and exercise.
That He will make me a good wife and mother that shines for Him!
I love you and I need your prayers!!!

It doesn’t matter who we are, if our lives are in a season of struggle or abounding in blessing, whether we are young or old, affluent or financially stretched to our limit, each and every one of us needs the prayer and support of our fellow believers.

I don’t often know who is praying for me, and likewise, I know that I pray often for some who may never know that God has put them on my heart. Still there are times when I just have to know that one other person, just one, is in the trenches with me, calling on God on my behalf. I have made a commitment to follow through when a friend, loved one or even someone I am just getting to know asks for prayer. I know that I am not the solution, but I know the One who is.

My husband read my request for prayer, and I know without question that he is bringing me consistently before my Father in heaven. As is our habit, he sent me a message in return filled with words I didn’t even know I needed to hear. The note read:

I am praying for you my wife.
Be stout of heart.
I love you.

I cannot think of better words. I am praying for him, too.


I know that you are not concerned with the beauty of our words, but rather with the intent of our hearts. Thank you that you have given me a husband that is faithful to support me in prayer, and with so very many beautiful words and deeds. He is a gift. Teach me to be faithful I prayer Father, and may others be refreshed, even as I have been refreshed by the gift of knowing that I am not alone in my prayers, nor in life.

Your Beloved

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